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Family owned and operated, Klingspor is a mediumsized company that has managed to become one of the world's leading manufacturers of high-quality products used for finishing surfaces and cutting off materials.

Since its founding in 1893, Klingspor has been setting one standard after another in the field of abrasive technology. Having a long list of innovations to their name, including the Kronenflex® cutting-off wheel and grinding disc, the company currently ranks among the five largest manufacturers of abrasives and offers their customers everything from a single source - from development to production to consulting and sales to service.

Products and services

Enjoying continuous growth, Klingspor is an innovative company that is operating in the international marketplace.

At 36 locations around the globe, Klingspor manufactures and distributes more than 50,000 items that fall, among others, into the product categories of coated abrasives, bonded abrasives as cutting-off wheels and grinding discs, abrasive mop discs, abrasive mop wheels, flexible abrasives and diamond tools and that are designed for a wide range of different applications.

Thanks to the company's vast selection of tools designed for grinding, cutting, milling, polishing and stock removal, users are guaranteed to find the product that matches their requirements best - and can often times choose from several available versions.

Klingspor's premium-quality products satisfy even the toughest standards in terms of surface finish, service life and machining performance.

A 946 TZ

Sporting a wheel thickness of 1.6 to 1.9 mm - varying with the diameter - the Klingspor Kronenflex® cutting-off Wheel A 946 TZ combines exceptional cutting performance with unrivalled lateral strength. The wheels are characterised by short cutting times, good stability and minimised burr formation. These benefits combined with their suitability for a wide range of applications turn these wheels into powerful and highly versatile tools for universal daily use in metal processing applications.

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A 330 Extra

Due to the used grain mixture in combination with a universal bond, the cutting wheel A 330 from the Extra line works with a good aggressiveness and with good service life. The cutting wheel offers more stability while cutting and a long service life. The A 330 is recommended for various materials and different profiles and usable on transportable chop saw < 3 kw engine power.

LS 309 JF

LS 309 JF is a universal product with high flexible backing for processing high profiled workpieces out of metal or wood. The main use is for rough, intermediate and finish grinding/sanding in metal- and woodworking
trade and industry.

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